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Strategic Pillar 5: Create Strategic Efforts that Support and Unite the Social Tech Community

January 2018 | Blog
As a mission-driven, nonprofit organization, we will further our mutual cause of helping people and our communities by lending ourselves, our ideas, our resources, and our spaces to supporting and promoting the field of social technology. We will partner with other like-minded organizations and individuals to deliver on our vision.
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Social Interest Solutions is a leader in leveraging cutting-edge technology to improve access to critical programs and services for low-income individuals and families.
Social Interest Solutions advances federal, state, and local policies to streamline and modernize eligibility and enrollment processes and improve consumer access to health and social services programs.
ACA Spotlight

Health Coverage Options at the Minimum Wage

In the US, employment does not guarantee health insurance, and many people cannot afford to buy it on their own. So they will lean on public health coverage and assistance programs: Medicaid, the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), Basic Health Programs, or premium tax credits and cost-sharing reductions through ACA marketplace plans. But which of these programs are within reach of people making minimum wage? Find out with our newest data visualization.