State Innovations in Horizontal Integration

States are taking a wide range of approaches in leveraging the ACA’s enhanced federal funding opportunities to support a broader set of health and human services programs. A new paper from SIS and the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities outlines examples of innovative state efforts to promote horizontal integration and examines common themes related to governance, business process reengineering, cost allocation and performance improvement.  learn more

Minding the Gap: ACA's Remaining Uninsured

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has already significantly reduced the number of uninsured people in the United States. While the number of newly insured is impressive and has far exceeded some initial projections for year one of the ACA, millions of people still remain without health coverage. Only by addressing the barriers to enrollment and the unintended and ingrained gaps in coverage can we make the ACA’s vision become a reality.  learn more 



ACA Spotlight: King vs. Burwell

How much will consumers’ 2015 insurance premiums rise if tax credits are eliminated? The ACA Spotlight, a new infographic series from SIS, illustrates at the state and county levels the impact on families’ monthly costs if the U.S. Supreme Court finding in King vs. Burwell eliminates premium tax credits in states participating in the Federally-facilitated Marketplace.

ACA Spotlight

About the ACA Spotlight Series

The ACA Spotlight is an infographic series highlighting effects of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) on individuals and families. Each Spotlight illustrates how ACA policies impact health insurance access and affordability through Medicaid, CHIP, and Qualified Health Plans and subsidies offered through health insurance exchanges.






In Memoriam - Andrew D. Hyman, JD

With the recent passing of Andy Hyman, SIS lost a board member, a friend, and a partner in the movement to improve health coverage for low-income Americans. Andy was a champion for the poor and underserved and, in the words of his colleagues at Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, was a “warrior for a healthier, more equitable America.”  read more 

One-e-App in the Field: Palm Beach County

Children’s Services Council and United Way of Palm Beach County, in collaboration with other community partners, established the Common Eligibility Project to maximize access to critical health and human services for community members in need. One-e-App, Social Interest Solutions’ Web-based eligibility and enrollment system, was unanimously selected to support this effort.  learn more

Fresno HCAP leverages One-e-App

Fresno Healthy Communities Access Partners’ innovative mindset leads to leveraging One-e-App to connect Fresno’s underserved population.  learn more •


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