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In the Media
Young Invincibles: Interactive Tool Can Help Assisters Explain Abstract Insurance Concepts
SIS partners with Young Invincibles to bring assisters an interactive tool to help explain complicated and abstract health insurance concepts to young adults.
TechWire: Sacramento Nonprofit to Direct MedStart Program
SIS takes on direction of the Sacramento Regional Technology Alliance's (SARTA) MedStart program.
The Sacramento Bee: Sacramento nonprofit to direct MedStart program, formerly under SARTA
SIS now directing MedStart, the medical-technology incubator formerly under the Sacramento Regional Technology Alliance (SARTA).
Sacramento Business Journal: SARTA's MedStart program finds a new home
SIS will ensure MedStart continues on after the Sacramento Regional Technology Alliance's (SARTA) conclusion.
Health Management Technology: Consumer-driven healthcare demands business agility
SIS eligibility and enrollment systems leverage SaaS and cloud technology to advance consumer access to needed services and streamline social services processes.
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Press Releases
Social Interest Solutions Releases Web-Tool Examining Cost of Losing Premium Tax Credit due to Potential ACA Repeal
Social Interest Solutions (SIS) released Potential Impact of ACA Repeal: Premium Tax Credits, a web-tool that examines how premium costs for 2017 plans would increase for lower-income enrollees if premium tax credits were taken away due to an ACA repeal.
Social Interest Solutions Releases Web-Tool Comparing the ACA Marketplace from 2015 to 2017
Plan Choice and Cost compares data utilizing easy-to-read infographics broken down by county on the number of issuers, plans and average monthly premium costs available through in 2015, 2016 and 2017.
Social Interest Solutions Updates Tool Comparing Costs across 2017 Marketplace Plans
Updated with 2017 data, Social Interest Solutions (SIS) released a free, online interactive tool to help illustrate cost comparisons and trade-offs for people who are shopping for health coverage.
Social Interest Solutions Releases Interactive Tool Comparing Costs across Marketplace Plans
Social Interest Solutions (SIS) released an interactive, web-based tool to help illustrate cost comparisons and trade-offs for people who are shopping for health coverage.
Social Interest Solutions Releases Infographic Highlighting ACA Consumer Enrollment Decisions
The infographic provides a snapshot of consumers’ enrollment choices in Affordable Care Act (ACA) marketplaces across the U.S. during the most recent open enrollment period.
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Facilitating CalFresh Eligibility and Enrollment for SSI Recipients
California is the only state in the nation where SSI recipients are not eligible for the SNAP nutrition program. A new report from the Coalition of California Welfare Rights Organizations, the County Welfare Directors Association of California, and Social Interest Solutions outlines options to streamline SNAP enrollment for SSI recipients if California decides to change this policy.
Online Applications Guide: A Practical Guide for Selecting an Online Application for Free or Reduced-Price School Meals
A well-designed online application can help school districts increase participation in school meal programs by simplifying the application process for district staff and families alike. It can also streamline program operations and strengthen program integrity. States and school districts will likely use their formal procurement process to select contractors or vendors to fulfill some or all of their school meal program needs.
Remote Identity Proofing: Impacts on Access to Health Insurance
Most people seeking to apply online for affordable health coverage programs — Medicaid, the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), and private health plans through the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) Marketplaces — must complete a remote identity proofing (RIDP) process before submitting their application online. A new paper from SIS and the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities explains the rationale for RIDP, examines the problems it can cause for some applicants, and recommends ways to address them.
Broward Common Eligibility Collaborative Leverages One-e-App
Children’s Services Council and United Way of Palm Beach County, in collaboration with other community partners, established the Common Eligibility Project to maximize access to critical health and human services for community members in need. One-e-App, Social Interest Solutions’ Web-based eligibility and enrollment system, was unanimously selected to support this effort.
State Innovations in Horizontal Integration: Leveraging Technology for Health and Human Services
States are taking a wide range of approaches in leveraging the ACA’s enhanced federal funding opportunities to support a broader set of health and human services programs. A new paper from SIS and the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities outlines examples of innovative state efforts to promote horizontal integration and examines common themes related to governance, business process reengineering, cost allocation and performance improvement.
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