Social Interest Solutions Announces New President and CEO to Position Company for Next Phase of Growth

Sacramento, CA – Social Interest Solutions announced that former board chair and current board member Robert Phillips will take over from outgoing CEO John Caterham effective today. Since October 2013, John Caterham has led Social Interest Solutions.

“We are thrilled to welcome a trusted and brilliant individual to lead Social Interest Solutions,” said Charlie Marshall, Social Interest Solutions board chair. “Robert is a familiar face to many of us, but his experience, knowledge and leadership skills are what set him apart from his peers.”

Phillips, a San Francisco Bay Area native, has nearly 25 years of political, health policy, health system, philanthropy, technology and strategic consulting experience. “I am inspired by Social Interest Solutions’ efforts to merge technology solutions with policy innovation to connect people to the health, economic and social security we all deserve,” said Phillips. “I look forward to leading our world-class team and working with our partners to push the limits of creativity and innovation to create opportunities for people to live successful lives.”

Phillips will be president and CEO of Social Interest Solutions at a time when the social and technology sectors have a perfect opportunity to better connect people to the resources we all need to improve our lives. Social Interest Solutions’ mission is simply to connect people to the social sector resources and supports using technology solutions driven by policy innovation. This mission is more important than ever as many Americans feel disconnected from the resources and institutions that have us achieve economic and health security.

“My vision for the company is to create the infrastructure that allow millions of low-income and working Americans to connect to, and use, the benefits we all need to move forward,” Phillips added.

Follow Robert on Twitter @RPhillipsSIS.

About Social Interest Solutions

Social Interest Solutions is a national nonprofit dedicated to improving access to quality health and social services through policy and technology solutions. We work with federal, state, and local agencies, service providers, community-based organizations, and researchers to better connect millions of low-income Americans to health care, nutrition, and other programs.