MAGI Cloud

MAGI Cloud is a powerful, Software-as-a-Service offering that helps deliver high-quality, accurate eligibility determinations, and provides valuable information and predictive analysis tools that support enrollment decision-making. This solution can be used by Marketplace test teams, state collaboratives, navigators, call center customer service representatives, and policy researchers.

MAGI Cloud consists of a robust MAGI rules engine that captures variation in key eligibility rules across states to complement and support testing, information and prediction tools at the federal and state level. MAGI Cloud consists of the MAGI Test Cloud, the MAGI Insight Cloud, and the MAGI Visualization Cloud.

MAGI Test Cloud – A Tool for Marketplaces

  • Comprehensive test management platform designed specifically to support ongoing  Marketplace regression testing of eligibility rules
  • MAGI rules engine supporting full spectrum of ACA eligibility (Medicaid/CHIP, APTC and CSR)
  • Library to store and recall test scenarios
  • Test management reporting
  • Supports state-specific rules
  • Catches defects before they reach production

MAGI Insight Cloud – Decision Support

  • Advanced, “quick results” screening tool that provides consumers, call centers, and third party assistors with detailed eligibility analysis
  • Built-in “What If” analysis shows impact on eligibility and subsidies as income goes up or down or household size increases
  • Built-in “Year to Year” plan comparison to assess cost implications of rate changes and auto-enrollment vs. re-determination
  • Helps anticipate when consumers should report changes back to the Marketplace
  • Helps avoid future tax liability situations
  • Supports output in multiple languages

MAGI Visualization Cloud – Bringing Data to Life

  • Visually depicts relevant Marketplace and MAGI-related data through charts, graphs, and maps
  • Creates infographics that highlight key attributes of health care policy and implementation
  • Requires only native Web browser
  • Contains comprehensive library of geo-maps showing:
    • State plan data by county
    • Advanced Premium Tax Credit data by county
  • Complements both MAGI Test Cloud and MAGI Insight Cloud
  • Helps Marketplaces or any ACA-related entity highlight important data relationships
  • Powers SIS ACA Spotlight

Access to MAGI Cloud services is supported through MAGI Cloud’s RESTful API, which allows external applications to add new features and services without incurring expensive development costs.