Applying for health, social services and other support can be a cumbersome process for individuals and families. In the current environment it means waiting in long lines (sometimes snaking along sidewalks outside offices), completing multiple paper forms (supplying much if not all of the same information each time), traveling to different locations and navigating an incredibly complex maze of referrals and programs.

Social Interest Solutions uses technology to help streamline the application process for families and program administrators by providing one electronic application that collects and stores information, screens and delivers data electronically, and helps families enroll in a range of public and private programs.

Our suite of access solutions is referred to broadly as One-e-App and is used in five states: Arizona (Health-e-Arizona), California (One-e-App), Florida (One-e-App), Indiana (Ind-e-App), and Maryland (Health-e-Link).

In use for more than 10 years, One-e-App provides valuable features for hospitals, clinics, government agencies, schools and community-based organizations. In selected locations, applicants themselves can use One-e-App directly from home, work, school, or another public location such as a library where they have access to the Internet.



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