Combining technology and policy to connect people to what they need

Social Interest Solutions is a social-impact company that brings together policy and technology to help individuals and families achieve what we all need — security, opportunity, and time to connect to each other and our communities.

In this video, Robert Phillips, president and CEO of Social Interest Solutions, shares his vision for the nonprofit organization.

Sadly, billions of dollars in programs and resources are not readily available to our families, friends, and neighbors who need help the most.

“I want to unleash the creativity and innovation that our employees have. And I need us to do that so we can realize this vision for the organization that I have and I know that others share.”

We innovate by aligning our technology solutions with a policy perspective. This approach of blending technology solutions with policy insights is unique in the marketplace and it offers a greater ability to make positive change across the country.

Watch the video now to hear Robert’s complete comments.

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